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Block Out Harsh Light In Cape Coral With Solar Shades

Solar Shades

Solar shades block out the sun's harmful UV rays, but they do not have to block your Cape Coral home's view! Many Florida homeowners struggle to find a balance between adequate UV protection and enjoying the natural scenery outside their windows. At Blinds Plus Interiors, finding that balance doesn't have to be a struggle. Our solar shades protect against UV rays while still letting in natural light and a view of the great outdoors!

With one of the largest, highest-quality selections in window coverings for Cape Coral, Blinds Plus Interiors has the perfect set of shades for every homeowner. If you are concerned about the sun fading your interior furnishings and fabrics, or if you want to reduce your electricity bill, then solar shades are perfect for you! Learn more about what we can offer you with a free, in-home consultation today- call 239-541-9989.

Protect Your Furniture From UV Rays With Sun Screens

As much as we love our sunlight here in the Sunshine State, the sun doesn't always love us back. Aside from solar heat sending energy bills through the roof in the summer, long-term UV exposure can cause interior surfaces, especially fabrics, to fade over time. UV radiation's harmful effects on the skin are also well-documented, and recently, many more homeowners have taken steps to protect themselves from UV exposure even when they're indoors.

Solar shades are woven from reflective, heat-resistant fabric specifically designed to block a significant percentage of the UV rays that shine on them. Our solar shades can give you the same benefits as other light-filtering or sheer shades, but with enhanced UV blocking ability that protects your indoor furniture- and your skin- from the harmful effects of the sun!

Selecting Solar Shades Based On The "Openness Factor"

When selecting solar shades, you need to take something called the "openness factor" into account. The openness factor refers to how tightly the UV-resistant fabric is woven. The higher the openness factor, the looser the weave, the better the view, but the more UV can get through. Fabrics with very low openness factors can block 95% or more of UV rays, but they don't offer much of an outside view.

It can be a bit of a balancing act, but we have plenty of fabric options with a range of "openness factors" available to help you find the perfect balance to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Solar Shades Questions

Yes! Because solar shades are designed to block UV radiation, they also block out a lot of solar heat, which reduces unwanted heat gain in your home through your windows. This helps your home struggle less to regulate its internal temperature, especially in the summer when it's hot outside.

If you want to add solar shades to a lanai or similar outdoor structure, we offer several outdoor fabric options!

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