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Cape Coral's Top-Rated Blinds

Offering one of the widest ranges of top-quality custom blinds in the Cape Coral area, Blinds Plus Interiors has everything you need to dress your windows to perfection! Our blinds are anything but ordinary. We pride ourselves in offering the best blinds in the industry, boasting a range of colors, styles, and materials to help you customize the perfect window coverings for your home.

Whether you want something simple and utilitarian to something more delicate, luxurious, and uniquely tailored to your home's aesthetic, we've got it. Since 1998, we've offered an extensive variety of the best window coverings for Cape Coral and the entire region of Southwest Florida. Whatever you're looking for, we're here to make it happen.

It all starts with a consultation. If you're ready to take the next step in finding the best blinds for your Cape Coral home, call Blinds Plus Interiors today at 239-541-9989.

Aluminum Blinds

Economical, highly durable, and lightweight, our aluminum blinds can put the finishing touches on your Cape Coral home. Often known as mini-blinds, aluminum blinds are a reliable choice for homeowners who want cost-effective window coverings without sacrificing privacy, convenience, or aesthetic appeal. At Blinds Plus Interiors, our […]

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Faux Wood Blinds

Functional, hardy, and natural-looking, our faux wood blinds will make a beautiful addition to any room in your Cape Coral home. While natural wood blinds are popular and timeless, they are among the more expensive options for blinds, and their vulnerability to moisture requires additional maintenance […]

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Sheer Vertical Blinds

Do you like the convenience of vertical blinds, but don't like the look or feel of PVC? If so, our sheer vertical blinds are the perfect fit for your Cape Coral home! You're not just limited to PVC blinds if you want to cover large windows […]

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Vertical Blinds

At Blinds Plus Interiors, we manufacture our very own vertical blinds to give all our Cape Coral customers great custom options! Choose from durable and easy-to-maintain PVC blinds, breezy sheer fabric blinds for a softer option, or channel panel vertical blinds, which combine the room-darkening effects […]

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Wood Blinds

When you want timeless and functional window coverings for your Cape Coral home, it's hard to beat the timeless allure of wood blinds. Wood blinds are never out of style and fit well with most design themes- it's no wonder why they're a staple for many […]

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Frequently Asked Blinds Questions

Though our blinds give you a lot of control over light levels, some light will slip through the cracks even when fully closed. If you want total room darkening, we recommend pairing blinds with a blackout curtain or exploring alternative window coverings like our Roman or cellular shades.

Though wood and fabric blinds are beautiful, their vulnerability to humidity and moisture might not make them the ideal choice for your bathroom. Faux wood, aluminum, and PVC blinds are highly resistant to heat, humidity, and moisture, making them ideal options for bathroom window coverings that require minimal maintenance.