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Control The Light In Your Home With Cape Coral Roller Shades

Roller Shades

When you want both form and functionality for your Cape Coral windows, our roller shades fit the bill. Roller shades are simple, contemporary, easy to use, and very versatile. They're economical and compact, making them ideal for all kinds of homeowners working within a wide range of budgets and interior spaces.

As one of the largest providers of window coverings for Cape Coral, we want our customers to have no end of great customizable options. Like with most of our shades, our roller shades can be customized with all kinds of fabrics to meet your aesthetic and lifestyle goals to a T. If you're looking to fit your windows with something simple, contemporary, and functional, give Blinds Plus Interiors a call and request a free, in-home consultation today at 239-541-9989.

Roller Window Shades

As the name implies, roller shades are single-layer fabric shades made to wrap around a cylindrical rolling mechanism. Traditionally, they're pulled down with a basic cord mechanism on the bottom end, though we also offer cordless and motorized alternatives for ease of use.

Roller shades are single-layer by design, so they aren't quite as insulating as thicker shade designs, like cellular shades. However, their compact design makes them ideal in rooms of all sizes, even more compact areas. With the fabric options we provide, your roller shades can function as blackout shades or block out UV rays to protect your interiors from glare and fading. From style to function, you've got tons of ways to customize your roller shades to your exact needs- and our experts are here to help!

Roman Shades For A Luxurious Look

Like roller shades, our Roman shades are also made of a single layer of fabric. However, instead of rolling up around a tube, Roman shades fold into impressive pleated patterns that create a bold look for your room. They're a great alternative for people who enjoy the efficient, lightweight design of roller shades, but want something a bit more visually striking. We offer tons of fabric and folding styles for our Roman shades, allowing you to style your window coverings however you like!

Frequently Asked Roller Shades Questions

When made with blackout fabrics, roller shades can be really helpful at blocking out a lot of sun, making them ideal for home theaters, gaming rooms, and bedrooms. However, since roller shades have sizeable gaps on the sides due to the nature of the product, we advise adding side channels for greater light control.

Roller shades aren't quite as optimal for insulation as multi-layer shades or cellular shades due to their single-layer, lightweight design. However, when made with blackout, thermal, or UV-blocking fabrics, they can provide a decent amount of insulation and enhanced energy efficiency.