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Panel Track Shades For Superior Light Control In Cape Coral

Panel Track Shades

When you want a sleek, stylish alternative to vertical shades for large windows and doors in your Cape Coral home, consider our panel track shades. Vertical blinds are a great option for covering larger windows, but not everyone is a fan of the look. Our panel track shades have a solid, cohesive look and fully cover your window without leaving any gaps for the light to get through!

With a near-endless array of customized window coverings for Cape Coral homeowners, Blinds Plus Interiors can help you find the exact window treatments you've been dreaming of. Pretty much any material we use for our other shades can be applied to panel tracks, leaving you with tons of possibilities. If you'd like a set of custom-made panel track shades, get in touch with Blinds Plus Interiors and request a free in-home consultation today at 239-541-9989.

Sliding Panel Shades

Panel track shades offer tons of benefits for homeowners. Because they can be made using pretty much any kind of shade fabric, they can be customized to fit well with all kinds of styles. You can easily tailor their light control levels from simple light diffusion to full-on blackout, and depending on what material you use, they may offer better energy efficiency and noise reduction than vertical blinds. In addition to covering windows and doors, they also make excellent room dividers!

That said, we do warn our customers that panel track shades have a large stack back, meaning that they take up room when drawn back in a large opening. This may be a problem for smaller windows or in tight spaces. If you're concerned that panel track shades won't look right for your room, have our experts come and do a free in-home consultation. We'll measure the space, go over your options, and help you get a better picture of how panel track shades- or other window coverings if desired- will look in your room.

Other Optimal Shades

You're not just limited to panel track shades and vertical blinds if you want to cover large windows or glass doors. Here are some other great options to consider:

  • Cellular Shades: These neatly fold up accordion-style when not in use, making them minimalist and non-bulky. When lowered, their hollow cellular air pockets trap air flow and insulate the area around the window, making them one of the best options for energy-efficient window coverings.
  • Roller Shades: Roller shades are lightweight, easy to use, and roll neatly up into a compact shape when not in use. These versatile shades work well with both small and large windows.
  • Solar Shades: While not quite as insulating as cellular shades, solar shades are lightweight and versatile while blocking out tons of UV rays, protecting your interiors from sun damage, and improving energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Panel Track Shades Questions

Yes, they can, but be strategic with which materials you use for your shades. Some fabrics can absorb moisture and get mold if used in humid areas, especially if they're not well-ventilated. If you want to add panel track shades to a humid area like your bathroom, we recommend choosing vinyl and synthetic fabrics that are designed to be moisture-resistant.

Of course! We can motorize pretty much any of the shades we offer, and motorization works well with the minimalist and modern style of panel track shades. We offer several options for motorization, so if that's something you're considering, get in touch with our experts, and let's find the best option for you!