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Taking Your Home's Energy Efficiency To The Next Level

Taking Your Home's Energy Efficiency To The Next Level

Energy efficiency is also a big concern for homeowners. If there's one thing we deal with down here in Southwest Florida, it's sweltering-hot summers, and that summer heat often comes with through-the-roof energy bills. When those energy bills start to spike, your windows might be partially to blame! Homes gain a lot of heat through window glass during the summer, and if they're not insulated, there's nothing to stop them from warming up your home and making your house burn more energy to regulate its internal temperature.

Closing the blinds and drawing the curtains can help a little, but if you really want to significantly improve your home's energy efficiency, there are certain window coverings that can do the job better than others. Here are a few options we personally recommend:

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, aka honeycomb shades, are some of the best options out there when it comes to energy-efficient window coverings. These shades are named for the long, hollow air pockets or "cells" inside them. These air pockets trap air flow and slow down heat transfer around your window glass, making them excellent for window insulation. Plus, they can be made with all kinds of decorative fabrics and fold up neatly accordion-style when not in use!

Solar Shades

Solar shades refer to shades that are made with UV-blocking fabrics, usually synthetic materials like PVC-coated polyester, which reflect heat and UV radiation out and away from your home.

How effective the blocking capabilities of a solar shade are comes down to the "openness factor," or how tightly the fabric is woven. Loosely-woven shades let in more sunlight and views of the outside, but they aren't quite as energy-efficient as tightly-woven solar shades with a low openness factor. Finding the right balance is important when choosing solar shades.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have been used for centuries to insulate homes, and they're still a formidable option even among more modern window treatments! When closed, plantation shutters create a strong seal that stops airflow, and the thick shutter material (usually wood, composite, or vinyl) also helps to slow heat transfer. They're also classically beautiful window treatments that have the potential to add value to your home!

Consult The Window Treatment Experts For Your Energy Efficiency Needs

At Blinds Plus Interiors, we know a thing or two about dressing windows here in Southwest Florida. We've operated our business out of Cape Coral since 1998, and we've helped countless customers find beautiful window coverings that help lower their energy bills while still making their homes look lovely. For cellular shades, solar shades, plantation shutters, and more, you can count on Blinds Plus Interiors - call us at 239-541-9989 for a free in-home consultation today!