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Filter Natural Light Into Your Cape Coral Home With Sheer Shades

Sheer Shades

If you want a wonderful way to filter natural light through your windows without blocking your Cape Coral view, our sheer shades are perfect! A light, airy form of window treatment, sheer shades are transparent window coverings that combine the functionality of horizontal blinds with the elegance of sheer fabric. Sheer shades combine soft fabric vanes with sheer panels, and you can either leave the vanes open to admit outside views or shut them to provide daytime privacy while still filtering in natural light.

With Southwest Florida's sunny weather, our sheer shades are an excellent way for locals to soak in that natural sunlight without having it get too intense to enjoy. At Blinds Plus Interiors, we offer one of the largest selections of customizable window coverings for Cape Coral homes, so all our customers can find the exact window treatments to take their home's beauty over the top. If you're thinking about getting some sheer shades, call us and request a free in-home consultation at 239-541-9989.

Beautiful Light-Filtering Shades

Sometimes you just want to enjoy some beautiful sunlight- you just don't want to get blinded by the glare coming through your windows. Unlike room-darkening shades, which are designed to block out a majority of the light that gets through your windows, light filtering shades like our sheer shades admit most of the light, but soften and diffuse it to make it less glaring, often affording you some level of UV protection as well.

If you want something delicate and light-filtering, our sheer shades are excellent. Even when the vanes are shut, they're still designed to let sunlight through so you can enjoy privacy in your home while still filling it with fresh sunlight. However, if you want a room darkening option, we have alternatives for that as well. Our window coverings are customizable, and we're here to help you craft the perfect fit for your home!

Other Excellent Light-Filtering Shades

Practically all of the shades we offer can be made with light-filtering fabrics or materials. Here are some of the options we recommend the most:

  • Wood Shades: made from natural woven materials, wood shades can be light-filtering or room-darkening, depending on what you're going for. Our woven wood shades lend a refreshing, organic look to any Southwest Florida home.
  • Pleated Shades: these shades are simple and lightweight, yet bear a distinctive pleated pattern that helps them stand out.
  • Roller Shades: Roller shades are lightweight and compact by design, and depending on the fabric you use, they can be customized to allow for light-filtering, room-darkening, or blackout capabilities.
  • Solar Shades: Solar shades can allow for plenty of natural light and even outdoor views to come through while blocking out many of the harmful UV rays that cause skin damage and fading on interior surfaces.

Frequently Asked Sheer Shades Questions

We offer 2″, 3″, or 4″ vanes. The larger the window, the larger the vane should be as well. Doing this helps maintain the view out of the window. Our customization pros can measure your windows and help you decide which vane size is optimal for your needs.

Because they're so lightweight and transparent, sheer shades don't offer much in the way of insulation. If you're looking for an insulating window treatment, we recommend something thicker, like our cellular shades.