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Motorizing Your Window Treatments

Motorizing Your Window Treatments

There are plenty of reasons why some homeowners don't like using cords or wands to control their window treatments. Some may have households with small children and don't want any choking hazards to get into small hands. Others may have mobility issues that make using these mechanisms difficult. Some people just don't like struggling with unwieldy cords or want a more streamlined look for their windows with no extra accouterment hanging off of them.

For these folks, motorizations are an amazing option. Practically any style of shades or blinds can be motorized for easy, effortless control- no cords, chains, or wands required! But how should to motorize your window treatments? At Blinds Plus Interiors, we offer a few options:

Wall Switches

You know how the switches for your lights and ceiling fans are always mounted on the wall? If desired, we can do that for your window motorizations too! Our installation experts can wire the controls for your window coverings to a switch on the wall so you can flip a switch and open your shades as easily as turning on the lights! One switch can be programmed to control one shade or multiples- it's up to you.

Remote Controls

This option involves probably the easiest installation process for window motorizations, as remote-controlled treatments don't necessarily need to be wired through your house. Just like your TV, your motorized window coverings can be paired with a remote control to make easy adjustments with the push of a button. Imagine fine-tuning your shades to block out the sun while you're sitting on the other side of the room- it's that easy.

Home Automation Integration

As smart home systems become more commonplace, more and more of our customers have come to us seeking to integrate their window coverings with their smart homes. This is an awesome option, as it lets you do things like program your window treatments to automatically adjust with the sun's path throughout the day, or have your window treatments open and close even when you're traveling away from home to make it look like someone's at the house.

Depending on what kind of smart home system you have and what your automation goals are, this option may include some additional steps and extra wiring in the installation process. We usually discuss these kinds of motorizations on a case-by-case business with interested customers to give them an idea of what to expect for installation.

The Window Covering Motorization Pros Are Here To Help

At Blinds Plus Interiors, we can motorize just about any of the window coverings we offer- it's just one of the many ways we're able to customize our products to our customers' exact desires. We've gone over the kinds of control options you can expect, but there's lots more to talk about when it comes to motorizing your window treatments. If you're thinking about incorporating motorizations into your own home, call Blinds Plus Interiors and ask for a complimentary in-home consultation at 239-541-9989.