Solar Shades

Solar shades block out the sun’s harmful UV rays, but they do not have to block your view! If you are concerned about the sun fading your interior furnishings and fabrics, or if you want to reduce your electricity bill, then solar shades are perfect for you!

Fabric Options
  • Openness factor: Select from different “openness factors” ,UV strengths, up to 99% block. The higher the openness factor, the looser the weave, the better the view, but the more UV can get through. A lower openness factor, the tighter the weave and the less UV rays can get through.
  • Many colors and patterns available
  • Outdoor fabrics offered for those who will install these on a lanai or other outdoor area.
Control Options
  • Beaded Chain or Continuous Looped Cord
  • Spring, which is cordless
  • Spring Assisted – beaded chain with a spring system to help raise and lower heavy shades
  • Motorized

Valances are not a standard item on roller shades. The roller that holds the fabric and the hardware are visible. So, to hide these, a valance that coordinates to your decor is normally desired.

  • Cassette Headrail is one option. This rolled valance is simple and matches the shade fabric.
  • Fascia Valance is another option. It is a simple metal valance that hides the top of the roller shade.
  • 6″ Valances in the same fabric as the roller shade is available as well. These are more decorative and stylish than the first two valances listed.

Since the roller shade normally has a sizeable gap on the sides due to the nature of this product, side channels are recommended to provide greater control on light allowance. Also, install an upgraded clutch to help in lifting and lowering heavy roller shades.

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