Motorization and Automation

Motorized blinds and shades make life a little easier by assisting in the opening and closing of the treatments. Especially when the windows are out of reach such as transoms and skylights.

Types of Power Options
  • In-Wall: this refers to concealing the wires for automation behind the wall so that you don’t see the wires that control your blinds.
  • Plug-In: this option lets you plug your motorized blinds’ system into a standard wall outlet. Attempting to conceal the wires is the challenge with this type, but it is possible. An electrician can install an outlet at the top behind the valance or cornice.
  • Wire-Free: just as it suggests, this option provides automation without the need for wires. This is desired for hard-to-reach windows such as skylights or transom windows that are above standard window heights.
Types of Control Options
  • Switches on the wall: just like flipping on a light switch, you can flip on a switch and your window shades can open or shut. This has the ability to control one shade or multiple on one switch.
  • Remote controls: For added ease of use, remote controls are convenient. You can open your family room blinds from the kitchen! This has the ability to control one shade or multiple shades on one switch.
  • Home Automation Integration: we can discuss this option with you for additional types of control over your window blinds and shades. There are some extra wiring and steps needed to take to integrate into your home automation. We are specialists in automated blinds control.
Additional Features
  • Wind and solar sensors are available. These increase your ability to control energy costs.
  • Motors can be used on many different types of shades and blinds.

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