Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are reminiscent of the South, exuding a charm and elegance of the past. The use of shutters on the inside of windows lends itself toward a clean-line, contemporary look.

  • Stained Wood Shutters – many beautiful stains in stock. Custom stains are also available if you want to coordinate to wooden furnishings in the room.
  • Painted Wood Shutters – many clients opt to use the same color as the trim in their home. But, we can also paint match to match your decor.
  • Vinyl Shutters – available in white and off white; recommended in areas with high humidity such as a bathroom or laundry room. These do not warp, crack, fade, discolor or peel.
  • Polycore Shutters – easy to clean, this type of shutter has a baked-on paint that is both fire retardant and water resistant.

Framing Options
  • Standard Z Frame – Used on an inside mount. It has a 1.5″ face width. Simple frame.
  • Deluxe Z Frame –  Used on an inside mount. It has a 2.5″ face width. More decorative frame.
  • L-Moldings – Used on an inside mount. Made for installations that have trim.
  • Hang Strips – Used on an outside mount
  • Deluxe Hang Strips – Used on an outside mount. More decorative than the basic hang strips.
Aluminum Core

By combining PVC with an aluminum core, a very strong shutter has become available to the consumer. The process of constructing the frame of the shutters with this core keeps the panels from racking and prevents sagging with wider panels. All of Sunland Shutter’s rails, stiles and louvers are reinforced with this aluminum core.

Various Options
  • Mid Rails – The top and bottom of the shutters can operate separately. Mid dividing rail adds more support
  • Split Tilt – The top and bottom of the shutters can operate separately. No dividing rail. A tilt bar provides additional strength and can be placed in an area of the shutter where you want to the louver separation to be located
  • Hidden Tilt – The tilt bar is located on the back of the shutters. This gives a very clean-line, contemporary appearance.
  • Rear Mount Tilt-  A thin metal strip on the back of each louver controls the opening and closing of the shutter. This is a less expensive version of the hidden tilt option.
  • Sill Cap – Covers the window sill and creates a very finished look to the shutters
  • French Door Cut Out – This is an option for french doors that have a lever style door handle that gets in the way of the shutter function.
Things to Know
  • Plantation shutters are one of the only window coverings that adds value to your home.
  • These are not considered a blackout shutter since light will shine through the slats.
  • They are very durable and require minimal maintenance.
  • Helps to reduce heat.
  • Dovetail construction of the slats is available. This is woodworking’s strongest and oldest form of joining wood which ensures long-lasting durability.

Fun Fact

Plantation shutters actually date back to ancient Greece when they were in need of window coverings to control light, ventilation and to provide protection. They were actually made of marble, not wood, back in those times! This “slatted” style was brought to the United States in the early 1800’s and adopted by southern plantations, thus the name “plantation shutters”. Nowadays, consumers enjoy the decorative appearance of plantation shutters, while continuing to appreciate the functional aspect as well.

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