Aluminum Blinds

Commonly referred to as venetian blinds or mini blinds, aluminum blinds are a very cost effective solution to window coverings.

  • Offered in many colors
  • In addition to color choices, there is a metallic finish available for a contemporary look
Slat Sizes


  • 1/2″ slats for small windows
  • 1″ slats are the most popular and common size
  • 2″ slats are nice for greater visibility out of the window
Valance Options
  • The contoured or beveled headrails give a nice appearance so that a custom valance really isn’t necessary
  • Double slatted headrails combine two slats that are the same color and material as the aluminum blinds into the headrail.
  • Material Valances and Cornices can dress up mini blinds. Wood Cornices are another option for adding more detail to your window treatment.
Control Options
  • Standard: wand on the left side of the window and the cord on the right side of the window
  • Reversed: wand on the right side of the window and the cord on the left side of the window
  • Cordless: Simply touch the blinds and they move to where you want them.
  • The Reveal product line that we offer has control that nests two slats together when you twist open the blinds. This creates a better view.
  • Hunter Douglas offers PowerTilt, LitRise and UltraGlide. All of these make raising and lowering your blinds easier.
Things to Know
  • We have the capability to drill the holes further back on certain aluminum blinds so that when the blinds are closed, the drill holes don’t let light through.

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