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Window Treatments


Window Treatments

A window is a blank canvas. It is a connection to the world outside and, just like an artist, you have the capability of framing that view with any color, texture and style that you choose. Many of these decisions are based on the room’s existing décor. If the theme of the room is grey and contemporary, then keeping to that theme on the window treatments is desirable. It creates a cohesive thought. Knowing the color palette and design style of the room before selecting your window treatments is recommended.

Window treatments are grouped into two categories; hard and soft. Combining the two types, hard and soft, is commonplace when you want to control the light using a hard treatment, while adding the color/pattern with the soft window treatment.

  • Hard window treatments include shutters and blinds. These are manufactured from “hard” materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and poly core. These types of treatments are two-fold. They are both functional and decorative. They easily blend into the existing décor through wood stains or neutral paint colors. Hard window treatments are perfect for those who want to bring the essence of nature into their home with stained wood blinds.
  • Soft window treatments include drapes, shades, toppers, and swags made of “soft” fabric material such as sheers, silks, cotton, etc. There are many styles of soft treatments to select that can accent the window styles in your home. Choose from thousands of colors and patterned fabrics. Florals, stripes, dots, chevron, solids, brocade, trellis, toile and so many more. Custom window treatments made from fabrics can accentuate the style of any room.

Window treatments serve two purposes. One being functional and the other aesthetic. They are functional in the sense that they can control light, reduce energy costs by blocking/allowing sunlight, and provide privacy to you and your family. At the same time, they add beauty, comfort, and balance to the room through design and color. By combining these two elements, you can successfully create well-dressed windows in your home.

Blinds Plus Interiors window fashion experts are here to help you create the perfect window treatments for your home. From blinds, to shutters, to verticals, to custom draperies and more, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you on the best window treatments for each room. Call us at (239) 541 9989 or visit our showroom at 1639 Cape Coral Pkwy East, Suite #101, Cape Coral, Florida 33904.

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